Authored by - Asha Mathew                                                                                                                                  Living spaces are inert by themselves till we blow life into them by what we bring in to them. How we manage our living spaces are more often than not a reflection of how we are managing our day to day life. The energy that one carries within is the energy that is reflected in the space that one lives in. Relooking at how we are managing our spaces is just as important as introspecting on our own growth. Asking ourselves certain questions and seeing what we get out of them will give us a good idea of how we are managing our space.

Enough Air?

Gone are the days of houses surrounded by open areas and trees - the luxury of air flowing through the house naturally because of the cross ventilation in built in the design of the house. A lot of houses today are in the face of each other where opening a window would either mean invading someone else’s privacy or compromising on your own. In other situations windows are constantly closed as the house is air conditioned. Fresh air inside the house becomes a rare commodity. Having a few potted plants in and around the house might go a long way in getting some fresh oxygen into our living spaces

Optimal Light?

Of course there’s nothing like natural sunlight spilling into your house through the windows and doors and not just lighting up but also cleansing the house but that again is a luxury these days. Lighting is something that comes to people mostly as an afterthought and that’s unfortunate. Most of the times we have the one light fits all policy which makes us put either bright lights everywhere or put insufficient light in certain places. Work and study areas need a lot of light but it’s not the same case with the bedrooms, bathrooms or the balcony. Constantly exposing ourselves to too much bright light is not good for us so putting some thought into how much light should go where would be a good idea. Also, if yours is a studio apartment or a small space that you use for multiple things, just choosing different lights for different parts of the house will help to differentiate spaces better

Use of Space?

We vouch for the phrase ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’.  It’s not just important to assign a place to everything you have but also to give a thought to what is the best place for things. Things that are used most frequently should be most accessible while others can be tucked into the not very accessible shelves. Certain times we just clutter a certain space with things and then end up rummaging. Using boxes to separate different items in a big space can reduce unnecessary pile on, mess and clutter. A lot of times people do not optimally use the vertical spaces available. Using appropriate shelves vertically goes a long way in making space for many things. Multi-purpose furniture goes a long way in managing space very well.

Your Signature?

Finally, does your living space share your individuality? Does it reflect the person that you are? They don’t have to be big things…small things here and there put tastefully…memories you value, fragrances important to you, possessions collected, music that fills your soul…the list is never ending because  it varies for each person. For what is a living space worth if a part of you doesn’t live and breathe in it.

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