Authored by - Asha Mathew

                                                                                                                                                                                 Should the house be painted again? Deep cleaning? Now? – Property Managers need to deal with these questions every now and then.

Why does this question loom large?

The thing with painting and deep cleaning is that it becomes a much more subjective decision compared to a leaking tap or a splintered door which is in your face and needs immediate attention. Thus, the tendency to postpone painting and deep cleaning becomes much higher. Also, the fact that it is a task which takes up a good amount of time, energy and money seems to deter a lot of house owners from going for it proactively.

So, to do or not to do?

Where painting is concerned, it cannot be one rule that fits all. At Raksha Property, a house is thoroughly checked before the recommendation is made to the house owner. “Most of the times if the tenant has stayed for more than 9 months, the house does require a new coat of paint. However, we’ve had situations where the rooms that haven’t been frequently used look almost new. In such cases we recommend for only certain rooms to be painted,” said Rajesh Govindan, Director-Operations at Raksha.

It’s not the same with deep cleaning. “We insist on deep cleaning each time a tenant vacates. It’s basic cleanliness and it can’t be overlooked, especially the bathrooms and the kitchen,” he added.

During these COVID-19 times, Raksha Property is also recommending to owners that the whole house be painted and completely deep cleaned just to be completely sure that the house is fully sanitized before the next tenant comes in. It is better to be safe than be sorry in these difficult times.

Who pays – the tenant or the owner?

The maintenance is always the prerogative of the people who stay in the house. The cost of painting and deep cleaning is ideally deducted from the security deposit that the tenant keeps with the owner. However, if the tenants wish to get it painted themselves before leaving, they are allowed to, as long as the quality isn’t compromised. In such a case, the deposit money is returned without a cut.

What kind of paint?

At Raksha Property, they stick to the color and quality of paint that is already there on the walls unless the owner requests for a change. Most of the owners prefer the use of simple acrylic emulsions, especially for rented properties. Couldn’t agree more. It isn’t worth spending on expensive texturing or a glossy metallic paint when you’re not sure who will inhabit the house and its maintenance.

Whether for a few rooms or the entire house, deep cleaning and painting are very integral parts of maintaining a property well. At Raksha Property, they believe that every new tenant deserves a house that is spick and span with well painted interiors. It is, indeed, the most welcoming thing about a vacant house that you’re looking to occupy.

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