Authored by - Asha Mathew                                                                                                                                   The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a greater toll on the world than anyone could have imagined. Slowly it is dawning on most of us that the end of this tunnel might be further away than what we were expecting. There is also the heavy question of what the world will finally transform into after this unexpected upheaval.

“Well, we can keep going on about the possibilities that lie in the future, we can keep ruing over how all the tried and tested procedures and ways of work have suddenly come to a standstill or we can take this situation head on and reinvent ourselves and make the most of what we have right now. And that’s exactly what we are doing at Raksha,” said one of the founders of Raksha Property Management when asked about the lockdown being reimposed in Bangalore and its effect on the overall performance of the firm.

Looking beyond the obvious services offered:                                                    At Raksha Property Management, managing property was never just about rent collection and maintenance. However, now with the limitations that the COVID-19 situation has thrown everyone into, they have decided that it is imperative to further diversify their services to their customers. “It struck me one day that why can’t we be the people who also take essential supplies to our customers’ doorsteps at a difficult time like this when people are apprehensive to venture out,” observed the Director-Operations at Raksha. “They don’t have to worry about the anonymity of the seller or the one who is delivering. They know it comes from us and they can directly call to check if they have queries,” he added.

They also call at intervals to see if all is well with the tenants. “We have constantly reiterated that it is important that our clients to know and trust that if they have a problem, we will do our best to help them. It is an integral part of the company’s vision,” added another founder of Raksha Property Management.

Dealing with the fear of contamination:                                                               It is not easy to get staff to go on the field and do work when there is so much contamination and infection all around. “We do have our fears,” admits a senior property manager, “but I think a lot can be avoided if we have the awareness about how the infection spreads and if we take the right precautions. We also try to do as much possible without having to make personal contact. If a video call can help, then that is the first priority.”

Learnings to take forward:                                                                                     At Raksha Property Management, they know that a lot of changes that have been brought about into the working of the firm as a result of the COVID situation will definitely be taken forward. “Though the idea of taking essentials to the customers’ doorstep stemmed from this situation, we now realise that it might be an avenue worth exploring even without a lockdown and a pandemic. We plan to diversify even this concept further and see what else we can offer to our customers and how we can make it happen in spite of the existing limitations.”

Well, it definitely sounds like an interesting journey to follow and see what the outcome will be!

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