Authored by – Asha Mathew                                                                                                                                    The last week has witnessed quite a lot of activity in Bangalore with the restrictions on travel within the city being lifted and stand-alone shops being allowed to open.  It was no surprise to see the unending lines outside the liquor shops and the mass buying in the apparel, footwear and accessory stores.

 Will the relaxations continue? Will there be another stricter lockdown if there is a surge in cases? Reports indicate that the worst hasn’t yet started for India and that COVID-19 will show its ugliest and deadliest side by around June-July. The truth is, no one really knows and we need to be prepared for what comes. At a time like this,we would like to bring to your attention some other essentials foryour house and property that tend to get forgotten in buying all the glitz and goodies.


The New Best Friend:

With most of the carpenters and plumbers and other maintenance people either out of jobs or having returned to the hometowns – ‘DIY’ is the new post COVID-19 mantra and the essential toolkit is your new best friend. Those who would want to take it a step furthercan also invest in a portable driller too.

The Hidden Atlases:

Whether it’s the hinges on the doors, the curtains in your rooms or the mounts on your walls, these little things are what are holding everything up. It’s the right time to take a closer look at your property and see if some of them need replacement. It would also be a good idea to have a few spares.

The Household Arteries:

Are the hand faucets leaking? Is there a tear or hole in the pipes that might not last another lockdown? Does a tap need fixing in the near future? These are the parts of our houses that go unnoticed till things come to a standstill. So, it’s better to take a stock of it right away and do the needful.

The Shock Absorbers:

Insulation tapes, assorted wires that might be required (and of course the relevant tools from the best friend kit😊) are all an integral part of the ‘essentials’ that you need to keep handy. Especially with the monsoon coming in soon with its dampness, being safe would be any day better than being sorry.

The Brighter Side:

For some reason, a lot of us feel that the light fittings in our house will just keep going on like the Celine Dion song. Since it is not so, it is important during a time like this to have a few extras of these too. With the virus dampening our spirits, let not this oversight dim our living spaces too. If you live in areas which face constant voltage fluctuations, this should top your lists.

Apart from all this, if you’re on the lookout for altogether new living spaces, Raksha could help you find them and then put the wish list together for the new space. You could use this time of relaxation in the lockdown to come and visit the properties available for rent/sale. While showing you around all the necessary health and safety precautions will be taken care.  Here’s hoping that all of us are able to make most of this relaxation!


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